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Poppy & Company

Poppy & Company 12x16 oil on canvas

My goal with this painting was to create the sense of the joy I feel when I see the colorful wildflowers.  This was inspired from a visit to the Wild Flower seed farm in Fredericksburg. A delightful place to wander and view blooming fields of color. 

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 Sheri Jones

Valentine Red Poppies

Valentine Red Poppies 12x9 oil on canvas

There is something about February that brings out the red paint in me.  This poppy field was on view at the Wild flower seed farm in Fredericksburg.  I've seen these growing in the wild in the Texas Hill Country and it is an delight to see.  

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Sheri Jones

Festive Garden Sunrise 16x20

Festive Garden Sunrise 16x20 oil on canvas

A visit to the The Wildflower Seed Farm is what inspired this painting.  I combined it with a warm sunrise and loved the result.  This was created with a palette knife and lots of colorful texture. 

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Thank you for viewing my art.

 Sheri Jones

Sunrise Poppy Garden 12x16

Sunrise Poppy Garden12x16 oil on canvas

What a gorgeous landscape! This one stopped me in my tracks. I made the husband do a u turn on this one. This was on our way to work and on a busy road.  The rising sun and beautiful flower garden were a show stopper. 

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 Sheri Jones