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Painted Posies

Painted Posies 10x8 oil on wood panel

Painted Posies was inspired from my garden of sunflowers and zinnias.  I love the bright colors and texture these garden models provide. 

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Sheri Jones

Sunny Life

Sunny Life 7x5 oil on canvas panel

I created this when the sun was warm and flowers were blooming. It was painted plein air and was a joy to create.  I am looking forward getting outside  to garden and paint.

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 Sheri Jones

Light Catchers 14x11

Light Catcher14x11 oil on canvas

I am so grateful for the warm weather we've had this weekend.  I enjoyed a little porch time and painted this on my patio.  I was struck by the brilliant light on this pot of plants and recorded this while the light was strong.

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Sheri Jones

Sunny Ones 11x14

Sunny Ones 11x14 oil on wood panel

I love to change up the surface I paint on and using a wood  panel coated with a few layers of gesso is just what I need for a little challenge.  My neighbor let me pick some of her sunflowers to create this little still life. I was inspired. 

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 Thank you for viewing my art.

 Sheri Jones

Daffodils on Stripes 11x14

11x14 oil on canvas

I love painting from life and these spring flowers were a great opportunity to.  I set this up in my garden and had fun capturing on canvas.  I bought these to plant and hopefully I will soon.  Daffodils always reminds of me spring time and warmer weather.  #Originalart;#artlover;#stilllife#Paletteknifeoilpainting;#dailypainter